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NOIR, Chapter 2

He was full of himself. A real work of art, as it were. He was so stuck on himself, there was no room for anyone else. The world revolved around him. It was once believed that everything revolved around the earth, then they said it was the sun that everything revolved around. Come to find out, they were all wrong. The world revolved around him. Maxim Jay de Claire. An odd name, but a snooty one. And not just in deed. In ear. Just listen to the way that name rolls off the tongue. It's obvious that the owner of this name is nothing but ego. Maxim Jay de Claire, only son of Madame de Claire. A rich snob from birth that was never satisfied. A brat, spoiled rotten. At least that's the way she portrayed him. And it seemed to fit.

I came in for a cup of coffee and a sandwich (turkey on rye) but then suddenly...

Thought interrupted.

Enter the dame. Hair flowing, dress flowing, mind roaming. She looked sweet, innocent, but as if she'd seen enough filth in her time. Maybe a…

NOIR, Chapter 1

Sadistic. Yeah. That's a word for it. That's a good word for it. Deriving pleasure from someone else's pain. Yeah... sadistic. That's a real good word for it. Perverted? That depends. That depends on where you were born, when you were born, who raised ya. All that culture mumbojumbo. What makes a man or dame. Yeah, that kinda garbage.

So, yeah, sadistic. That's definitely a good word for it. She is one sadistic dame. A very, very sadistic dame. All this time I thought she was in love with me. What a crock. What a shame. What a dud I turned out to be. Can't even tell the good dames from the bad anymore. Maybe I deserve it.

She was good to look at though. I'll give her that. Real good to look at. I remember the first time I saw her she was wearing a red dress, heels, sporting a black purse and that long and wavy blonde hair. She had quite a package and she knew it. She knew it and she used it. She walked me right into it and I…