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NOIR, Chapter 4

It was a typical morning. I defied the alarm clock several times, before slowly removing my body from the twin bed in my bedroom to the couch in my living room. There, on the couch, I sprawled out and slept for a few more hours.

A knock at the door.


I open the door and there's my little sister, Mercedes. She stands in the hall with a look of sarcasm, as usual, and in uniform. Yeah, she's fuzz. A copper. A pain.

"Typical," she says as she waltzes in and takes her hat off, "Would it kill you to get a job? And attempt to do something with your life?"

"I could say the same of you," I reply, "You think because you gotta badge and uniform that means you're a success?"

"Tough love," she starts, "So, what have you been up to, Johnny?"

She takes a seat on the couch, placing her hat on the coffee table.

"Nothing worth mentioning."

"Staying out of trouble?"

"Define trouble."


NOIR, Chapter 3

What kind of self-righteous introvert etches LOVE GOD into the wall of a bathroom stall? If you wanna have an impact, than get out of the bathroom and meet some one. Get to know somebody. You know, start a conversation?

Holly, the dame, lived in an elaborate house. It was ridiculously over sized; especially considering that she lives alone. Monsieur de Claire, whom we'll refer to as Maxim, bought her the joint. He also bought the furniture and all the house accessories. Everything. Holly comes from a wealthy family and is set to inherit quite a fortune. She'll never work a day in her life. Yet somehow, because of this, Maxim finds it necessary to ensure she never spends a dime of her own. Well, her father's dimes that is.

She takes me through the foyer, past the ballroom and into the parlor. This is where she continues her proposition.

"I have everything you need to carry out the plot," she explains, "I've thought it all out."