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NOIR, Chapter 5

It's a dirty, old shame when all you get from love is a love song.

I had to go and do the stupid thing. I had to go get all emotional and care. Once you care, you listen and when you listen you learn. Ignorance is bliss sometimes, kids. Remember that. I write to teach you, so listen dear reader. Read my story and learn. Care, listen and learn. Don't be like me.


Here I sit in my perfectly conditioned room. It's conditioned like every other room in this stinking hole. Yeah, here I sit. I sit on the floor, notepad in hand, writing to my heart's content. And for what? I'm not sure.

You're idiots

You're all idiots. Every last one of you. You are all aimless, pointless, shifty-eyed nobodies.

After that bigot drove off with my dame, I sat. I sat all bummed out. Bummed out that my dame was on her way to get hers.

I heard the sirens coming, but I didn't care. Oh, I cared before, but now it's over. I don't care. He won. He came, he played and left w…