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Jason Richard Wright, Chapter 3

It was prom, 1988, at Riverside County High School and Samantha Montgomery was as happy as the next junior. She was attending with her date, Brad Smith. It was not very romantic, they were going as just friends. It had been arranged two months earlier, by their friends, that they would go together since neither was seeing anyone at the time nor desired to do so. Of course, there was a moment of doubt for a space, because Brad began dating Kimberly Johnson who had graduated with the '87 class. She was attending the Institution of Performing Arts at Babylon, which was a good two hours away from Riverside. After a slight melodrama, it was agreed that Kimberly would not need to make the trip to Riverside for prom, but that Brad would make the trip to Babylon for her homecoming the following year. When you're talking in terms of high school relationships and long-distance at that, it wasn't the best arrangement. However, both parties agreed that was okay. No one wanted …