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Jason Richard Wright, Chapter 8

David Spencer
The young man had been sitting in a conference room at the police station for thirty minutes; this was something Detective David Spencer had grown accustomed to doing. He liked keeping people in suspense, because it made them impatient and frustrated, and this often bore the fruit of an unnecessary amount of conversation on their part. Which often meant he got more than he could have bargained for initially. And when he had heard the man on the other side of the glass was employed at a local college, his detective instincts gripped his lunch and told him, This is the guy.

Spencer had been tracking the Inner-City Lady Killer, as the newspapers had coined Jason Richard Wright, ever since the body of student Cassie Lexington had been found in a ditch three miles from the campus she attended. The truth was that he was far from a suspect, but something clicked with this guy. But he knew that what clicks and convicts in a courtroom are two different things entirely. He had…