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Hardboil High: Auschwitz

Mercedes and Vega were doing what they normally did in their sixth hour class, Pre-Algebra with Mrs. Braxton; they were passing notes back and forth.They’d start with one sheet of paper and jot a note, then pass it on and jot a response, and then it would pass back.It started off with Vega this period,

“You got a date to the dance?”

“No,” was Mercedes’ response.

“Has anyone asked, have you asked anyone?” Vega followed up.

“No.Well, except Lawrence, but I told him to get lost.And when he wouldn’t leave me alone, I told him his mom was gay.That seemed to do the trick.That tard smells like feet.”

Vega held the note for a while this time, stewing over her response.She fiddled with her bleached hair, that used to be black or brunette or something.It was red last week.She was always doing bizarre things with her hair, and sometimes her lip ring coordinated with her hair color.Her piercing was on the left corner, lower lip of her mouth and was turquoise today.She finally scribbled something and w…

Hardboil High: Paint it Black

If the computer hadn’t been in the living room, Mercedes would probably spend most week nights in her bedroom alone. At the age of 14, she didn’t much mix well with her older brother Johnny anymore, and she regarded her mom as weak and stupid. She used to get along fine with her dad, but after he ran away, she decided it was as good a reason as any to hate him with a seething passion.She saddled up to the computer, and turned it on. Immediately her mom started in with the interrogation.“Did you do your homework?”“Yes.”“Because I don’t want you falling behind in that math class anymore than you already have. “ As usual, she was reading her Reader’s Digest and her eyes scarcely moved from it as she reprimanded. “That Mrs. White seemed nice at the parent-teacher conference, and she’s really trying to help you, so don’t be disrespectful.”“She’s not too bad for a Nazi.” Mercedes mumbled.Her mom looked up from the Reader’s Digest, “What did you say?”“Nothing; I was just trying to reme…