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Inner Thoughts

Description. Stacy is your inner thoughts, and she is calling. Better listen up.

May I direct your attention to my awesomeness

Below I'm trying out a new tool called Screenr. It's a browser-based screen-capture software from Articulate. I'm considering using this tool to tell stories in a very unique way. Stay tuned.


Michaels was sleeping on his bus, and woke startled to a knock on the glass of the door. He rubbed his eyes and saw Ms. Richards, the cheer-leading coach for the basketball team at Herbert Hoover High School. The Wildcats had taken a beating in the first two quarters, which was no surprise, and took full control of the game in the last two quarters, coming out of the halftime with full stamina and resolve to take back the game. The Wildcats were generally known across the state as underdogs, and had won countless games in similar fashion for the past thirty years. But, Michaels didn’t even know this, because he cared little about sports, and even less about high school sports. Generally, he drove the little cheerleaders and their coach to the game, and then read a book or slept until someone knocked on his door. Outwardly it appeared that Richards didn’t care much for him. From an academic standpoint she was an English teacher, and from a personal standpoint she w…