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Self Promotion and Rogues Gallery

If you are a writer, check out this interesting writeup by C.M. Marcum called Self-Promotion. It makes you think about who you are as a writer. Who is reading your stuff, what genre are you writing in? Who are you anyway? It's got me thinking about a few things I could do better, and that's a good thing. Seriously, go check it out. And read some of her stuff while you're there, she's a good writer.

I'm also gonna be starting a new thing soon, something called the Rouges Gallery. Truthfully, I'm stealing the name from Neal James, and the idea is half-stolen from him too. But I got his permission, so it's all good.

So what is the Rogues Gallery? Well, it's a sort of I'll scratch your back, if you scratch mine thing. Minus the actual, literal scratching of the back. There are many other writers out there struggling to put their stamp on paper, and I'll be featuring some of these Rogues by sharing some of their work.

If you're interested in joining the Rogues Gallery, email me.


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I decided, on a whim yesterday, to make a photo series based off my wife's gnome collection. It was a collection she curated over her childhood, buying them all from the same place in Derby, Kansas, where her grandparents lived.

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