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Author Bio.  Neal James is a British author, and has authored over 100 short stories. He is 58 and lives in Derbyshire. His debut novel, 'A Ticket to Tewkesbury', was published by Pneuma Springs in 2008. It was followed in 2009 by his first anthology, 'Short Stories Volume One', and in 2010 by the crime thriller 'Two Little Dicky Birds', the artwork for which was produced by Onxy Dragon Productions LLC. This year will see the release of 'Threads of Deceit', a further excursion into the world of crime.

A full coverage of all his work can be seen on his website:

Marks on the Wall by Neal James
The plain clothes detective sat in the lounge and looked around the room. He knew that Samuel North had killed his wife Susan. Everything was there. He had motive, opportunity, the weapon and there were enough people who knew that the marriage was going through serious problems to put the man firmly in the frame. Despite all this Marks had …

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It's a great read. Check it out, ye writers

Murder by 4: To Blog or Not To Blog: "© Marta Stephens 2011 all rights reserved I’ve often thought about what it must have been like to write in an age without computers. The..."

My writing article posted @ Murderby4 blog

Check out my writing article posted on the Murderby4 blog.

"I've got this great idea for a Book"
Here's the first paragraph.
So you’ve got a great idea for a book, right? But maybe you’re like me and you’ve mostly written short stories so far, and you’re not sure how to tackle the daunting task? Or maybe you haven’t written anything since that Valentine’s Day card you gave Sally Pinkerton back in the third grade? How in the world are you going to tell this amazing story that everybody needs to read? And how are you going to get it published and in their hands?