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Born on the Bayou

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The Wyoming was a riverboat in New Orleans, and it had only been on the river for two hours when a young man and his pregnant wife began cleaning up.  The man was playing the craps, and had been pushing his luck for the past hour.  He kept piling the money up, and kept going.  His wife, who looked to be nine months pregnant, was jumping up and down with each victory of the dice.  It had become a game, and they had garnished quite a crowd of spectators.  The young man, Mike Whitaker, would roll those dice and scream out what he would be spending the money on.  People would cheer, and when the dice ruled in his favor, the crowd went wild.  It was the best night of Whitaker’s life.  He had never been so lucky.

“Blow on it, baby!”  He held the dice in his hands, and his wife gave a hard blow on them.  He tossed them across the table.  “For Kim’s college fund!”

The crowd went wild, the dice fell down... snake eyes.

“That’s what I’m talking about!”  He screamed, thr…

Downloads coming soon...

I will be unveiling a new feature soon, an awesome feature.  Digital downloads of some of my longer short stories and novellas.  That's right, you'll be able to download and read them on your eReaders and mobile devices!  Is that not the coolest thing ever?  I think so... or my name isn't Struggling Author.

Stay tuned...