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Exit to Nowhere

Stan had been driving for two days now.  He was tired and exhausted, but determined.  The rain, which had picked up around Alamogordo, still hadn't let up.  It was dark now and the rain was relentless.  Stan knew it was bad; his eyes would drift off, his lids would shut and then he'd recover his car from the shoulder. The next exit, he thought to himself, Just make it to the next exit. 11:59 read the green digits of his dashboard; his radio had gone out on him within that first day of travel.  He watched as it turned from 11:59 to 12:00.  He blinked repeatedly as he grabbed his cold, Alamogordo coffee; the temperature was the same as when he ordered it.  He took his final swig and it was, Cold... to the last drop; he humored his mind. There it was, The next exit. He pulled off onto the ramp and exited the highway; he came to a stop sign and skidded to a stop.  He looked left and saw nothing in the rain and dark.  He looked right and witnessed the same.  In front o…

ROGUES GALLERY 2: Morgen Bailey

Author Bio.  After enjoying English at school then dabbling with limericks in her 20s, Morgen came back to writing through a local college evening workshop in January 2005. It swiftly became a passion which over the past couple of years has turned into obsession. She has written four and a bit novels, over 100 short stories, a script and a half, some poetry and most recently articles for the NAWG Link magazine. In August 2010 she started the Bailey's Writing Tips weekly podcast then late March 2011 a blog which initially consisted of information she provides to her writing group, and some of her fiction but mid-June 2011 she added daily (which by day 4 became twice-daily) author interviews. She is always looking for writers of any genre published or non-published to take part and can be contacted via and her blog is

Threadbare Girl by Morgen Bailey It’s the two clocks she finds the most comforting. Both beat a d…