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Hardboil High: Chapter 1

It was the first day of classes, the start of a new year.  But really it just felt like an extension of the ongoing surrealism that was the life and times of the Masterson home life.  Mercedes stood staring at her skinny figure in the mirror.  She had just slipped into the usual white T-shirt and black cargo pants that were her quickly becoming her trademark.  It didn't help that she really only owned two pairs of pants that fit.  But even those needed help from an old belt she'd pillaged from her dad's stuff.  She had to poke a few extra, seven, holes to make it work.  She had been losing weight fast, too fast.
    Her long, dark brunette hair was still dripping wet from the shower she'd just rushed in cold water.  Johnny, her brother, wasn't going to let her live it down this morning for using up all the warm water.  Though she couldn't remember ever really having much warm water anyway.  It was like the trailer park owner was somehow sending the…