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ROGUES GALLERY 3: Jennifer Word

Author Bio.  When Jennifer was ten, her 4th grade class received an assignment to write a short story. She wrote hers and turned it in. A few days later, she was called to the teacher's desk while everyone else was excused to recess. She wondered if she had done something wrong and thought she might be in trouble. Her teacher held her story up and told her it was exceptional. Then she looked at her and simply said, "Did you know that you are a writer?" Right then and there, a dream was born for Jennifer. Twenty-five years later, Jennifer is pursuing her dream with an intense passion. She has written six novels, nine novellas, 20 short stories, three flash fiction pieces, over 50 poems, and two screenplays. Three of her novels, in the form of a trilogy series, have been contracted for publication with Stony Meadow Publishing. Book one of The Society is due out in the winter of 2012. She has had short stories published in The Storyteller Magazine, Dark Moon D…

'The Experiment' short featured in The Derby Telegraph

So my short story 'The Experiment' made its debut this past Saturday in The Derby Telegraph.  This is exciting and you can read 'The Experiment' online at the This Is Derbyshire website.

'The Experiment' is really an experiment on several fronts:  I'm writing science fiction, and there is an experiment in the story.  I have plans to expand upon the much abridged version now published in The Derby Telegraph.  Many kudos to author Neal James for connecting me to The Derby Telegraph, Steve Hall and Jane McFarlane at The Derby Telegraph, and also especially to David Hitchcock for his original artwork for the story.

Again, you can read here.

What is my writing style?

Gonna try something different here.  I've been challenged by fellow author Jennifer Word.  In her recent blog titled What's your Writing Style? she gave us a long, detailed look at how she viewed her style.  And then, in the end she said,
"I want to hear from you. I want to hear from other writers, about what you think your main styles are? What are your styles, your tendencies, your chosen settings and scenarios, etc. Do you always set your stories in the same area of the world, or a particular city? Do you focus on only one or two main characters at a time? Do you mainly write romance? Or drama? Or horror? Do you write fiction, or focus on memoir? I’m curious. Do you always use similar themes throughout your tales? Who are your influences, and how did they specifically help to hone your style? I really want to know. And trust me, answering these questions will be really fun for you to do, as a writer. If you haven’t already explored your own work in this way, a…

Bridge over Troubled Water

AUTHOR NOTE.  This is most likely the prologue to the second book of a series of crime novels following an investigative journalist, Jack Rawls, and an orphaned teenager he befriends and later adopts named Angel.  This project is pretty far off, but will be loads of fun to write.  Hope you like this sneak peak.
Jack Rawls entered the conference room at the Daily Chronicle, looking down at a rush copy of his story. It was front page, dead center, extending down the front half, and continuing on page 3-B, in the editorial section. He had been working on the story for almost two months, it was his first story after satisfying an ultimatum that lit a fire under his seat at the Daily Chronicle. His editor, Frank Darabois, had delivered the ultimatum. He was also the one who had recruited him straight out of journalism school. It was a job Rawls was eager to take, as a paycheck until he got a publisher to pick up his novel. He had originally intended to have his book finish…