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The Order of the Dragon, Chapter 1

Jack Ross had been staring at his laptop for thirteen minutes.  Every five minutes he jiggled his wireless mouse, ridding the screen of the power save function.  Once the image was back, it revealed a word document with two words at the top in bold, Times New Roman font and size twenty.  In plain black these words read, CHAPTER 36.  He had come this far in his book and now he was stuck.  Every chapter before him was in at least a first draft form.  A few were in a third revision, and one was in a fifth.  Beyond 36 he had the last four chapters (47-51) in second and third revisions.  He also had first drafts of 38, 42, 43 and 44.  He was so close to being finished it was absurd.     He was so absorbed in his conundrum that he didn’t notice Frank Darabois, his editor at The Daily Times, had been standing over his shoulder.  Darbois was a middle-aged, rather jolly soul that had a soft spot.  But he could be firm when he needed to be, and even blunt at times.  Despite that he was an easy…

'Everything' anthology available on Amazon

Two of my short stories are featured in a collaborative short story anthology titled Everything available through Amazon for $0.99.  The anthology also includes stories from Pat B, Nancy Cavanaugh, and Natalie Mendez.  This collaboration is a direct result of meeting across Google+, which continues to be a cool experience.  Danke, Google, danke.

My stories included.
The Red Balloon.  Linus Martin has watched as the recession has taken its toll on those he manages, while it appears his superiors reap their own rewards.18 Wheels.  Tom, lone truck driver, takes on a new charge in the form of a passenger.  Her name's Luna, a teenage runaway.  It was meant to be a simple pick up and drop off, until a very complicated relationship forms between the two.