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The Girl who Couldn't Make up her Mind - Prologue

She pulled into her mother’s driveway. It was the house she’d grown up in, they’d never moved at all during childhood. It was just her and her mother from day one, and it had remained that way up until she had graduated high school and left for college. Not counting the time she ran away from home for six hours at the age of fourteen. She was fortunate that their little town of Riverside didn’t have perverts during the 1990s, otherwise who knows where she’d be today, if not dead.

She was dreading the moment when the door open, and she’d be having to explain herself. She had very firmly made her mind up to come to this point, but after two hours on the road, she started second guessing herself. And now she was here, and was having to face her decision face-to-face, because she was going to have to explain her rationale to someone. This was something she not done yet regarding the current matter that was her life.

As she sat trying to think of the right way to bring it up, and wh…