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UPDATES: HH, Myrna and Cafe de Mort

So, yeah, I haven't been posting a lot of work lately. Part of that is because I haven't been writing a lot lately, and the other part is that I've been outlining a lot.

Hardboil High
Last summer I managed to bleed out the first draft manuscript of Hardboil High: Freshman. Since then, I've mostly stewed over it a little here and there. I knew I had some work to do, some extra writing for chapters that were too short and needed to add a few more chapters to make it more cohesive. But like a lot of things in writing, after you've bled so much, sometimes you need to replenish the supply. I've mostly ignored it over the past year, and am just now picking it back up. Wrote an additional chapter for the finale the other day, and plan to write the rest and tweak it all soon. While it's still relatively on the brain.

The character of Myrna has been a delight to play around with. The whole story is pretty fantastic, gritty, and action-packed--so I'm pretty m…

Behind the Mask - Prologue

NOTE: This is something I wrote several years ago, shortly after the Storiesville site had given up the ghost. This is a story I've been tinkering around with for about 12 years, and while it's changed a lot through the years, most of the core characters and ideas have remained constant. I chose the title as a tip of the hat to a fellow writer who went by the username SorrowIsMyMask at Storiesville, and had written some interesting short pieces revolving around that concept. I hope you enjoy this short prologue, and let me know what you think in the comments.

Salem is a dark city. A cold, damp city. A dangerous city. But it wasn’t always this way. Though bleak, she used to be hopeful. Though tainted, she used to have a lover. A hero. When she cried, He heard her. When she was hurt, He soothed her. When she bled, He gave of his own veins to bring color back into her skin. But she wasn’t always a grateful lover, sometimes she took Him for granted. Sometimes she forgot…


Author's Bio:  Sarah is a fan-girl and uber-dork working on submitting her first novel and drafting her second. She memorized The Cat in the Hat at age three and has loved reading ever since, which made graduating in English an easy decision. She writes short stories and poetry as well and has been published in several literary magazines such as The Tipton Poetry Journal, Atlas Poetica and Boston Literary Magazine. She is a social media nerd and blogs at She is a slytherpuff, anglophile and Jane Austen groupie. She is a sevret lover of jazz and post-grunge rock, and a not so secret lover of Colin Firth, white chocolate, cavalier king charles spaniels and Frasier.

Lunatic by Sarah Allen.

I am in love with the man in the moon. Lunatic is what they would call me if they found out. But lunatic is not always a bad thing.
I am in love with the man in the moon. I wait for him, wait for him to pour through the atom-thin cracks in my window, wait for hi…