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A reflection on NaNoWriMo

I'm reflecting on NaNoWriMo, as this past year was my first time giving it a shot.

I had been disappointed in myself, a little, mainly in my story. Life had thrown some curve balls in November, unforeseen events, and I had gotten behind early in the game. But I did plow through a healthy amount of my outline, but nearing the end of the month I came to the realization my outline was missing some vital points.

Blood in the veins.

Sure, I had plot veins, but no blood running in it.

The last thing I did on CAFE DE MORT in November was to revamp my outline a little. Which was a positive way to finish, as it let me know I wasn't done with it. Not yet.

I've been sitting on it ever since, and on a whim pulled open my Google Drive to take a gander at my chapters and outline. I opened one chapter, Chapter 6, and skimmed it. It was one I was very fond of writing at the time, and looking at it my spirit for it was rekindled. Then, I looked at my outline, and though it is still missing some white blood cells, I am confident I'm not far off and have decided to draw my attention back to it.

I had been planning to refocus on a different work for the next six months, but now I'm certain I won't do that.

If I have time today, I may go ahead and post Chapter 6, since it inspired me to get on with it.


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