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Tina Morris and Twitter Stories

Fellow writer Tina Morris started something new called Twitter Stories. Basically, once a day she posts a 140 character story (the character limit of Twitter).

Here is her first Twitter Story, posted today:

Thinking the idea to be quite fun and very useful at honing yourself to fine tune the details, I'm now contemplating taking up the venture myself. Despite the fact that I despise Twitter. But, because I always like serializing things and drawing them out, I'm going to make a serialized story which will be unraveled in 140 character tweets. I may regret this decision later, and just do short snippets like Tina, but for now I'll try the serial concept first.

Below is the first of my serialized tweeting:

If you like the idea, and want to get involved, please do so and drop a line in the comments to your posts. And be sure to give Tina a holler for an awesome idea.

I was at a teaching with technology conference last fall in St. Louis, and met an English professor who forced her students to craft snippets of food articles they were writing into tweets in the beginning stages of their writing. In the end, they had to post their articles onto a shared blog for full public critique. It was a fascinating concept, watching how one can take these every day tools to hone one's craft.

Just because you're in the box, using the tools within it, doesn't mean you can't think outside of it and use those same set of tools in new and wondrous ways.


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