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The Affairs of Mrs. Blackwater, Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Townsend woke when the carriage he was riding in hit a rock and became airborne. It crashed down hard on its wooden wheels, and kept right on going. He nearly fell out of his seat. He rubbed his eyes and saw he had spilled the file on Mrs. Blackwater's account all over the floor of the carriage. He bent over and began picking them up, one by one, looking each over as he did in an attempt to keep them in order. But a gust of wind and rain came crashing through the curtains of the carriage and caught up several sheets of parchment. They quickly rustled straight out the window. He promptly shoved what he had into his messenger and leapt to his feet. He stuck his head out of the window and screamed head first into the wind and rain.

"Stop the carriage! Stop the carriage!"

The driver didn't hesitate and brought the carriage to a halt. Townsend flung the door of the carriage open and ran out into the rain, chasing papers through the weeds. One document lodged in wi…

The Affairs of Mrs. Blackwater, Chapter 1

Author's note.
I've had this desire to get back to writing some horror again, and in that vein I started developing a story tentatively titled The Affairs of Mrs. Blackwater, which will likely be my homage to the old school Hammer Horror and Universal monster movies. Below is my first jab at the opening chapter of the story, which has been nudging me for the past few days to be written.

Hope you enjoy, and let me know how I'm doing and what you think? Would you read it? Does it have your attention? What's your favorite Universal monster movie (Dracula, Wolf Man, Frankenstein, etc)?

Chapter 1.
Godfrey Townsend entered the office of Manchester and Townsend, and found the remaining owner of the original partnership, Luke Manchester greeting him with a smile.

"Godfrey, how good to see you." He gestured to his office. "A word?"

"Yes, sir." Godfrey recited his usual response. "May I?" He began to remove his overcoat, which was dripping fr…

FREE ebook of 'Rose's Thorn' until May 2nd

Still learning my way around the site Smashwords as a publisher. And thanks to Belinda Frisch last night, I discovered the wonderful coupon option within Smashwords.

I have created a coupon, which when used during checkout, will give you Rose's Thorn for free.

Here is the code: VZ96Y

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Please feel free to use this coupon to obtain a free copy of the short novel.

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