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Google I/O + Elaine's dance from Seinfeld = AWESOME

Let me give you a reason to love +Google+...

Google just started their huge I/O conference this week and they have this thing going where you can take a public post with #request, and a Google employee at the conference will try desperately to meet that request. It's pretty cool, honestly.

Well, in classic fashion, I couldn't help myself. I decided somebody needed to make an outlandish request. And here is what I did...

Nathan Weaver6 minutes ago +Melissa Daniels : I have a #request . Can you get footage of yourself doing the Elaine awkward/white girl dance from Seinfeld?

This is my one silly request, I guess. I just wanna see all the looks on folks' faces as you get the kicks and arms flailing.

PS--If you meet my request, I will film a short clip of me turning around and saying, "Sweet fancy Moses!"

Update:#request  fullfilled.

Her dance:

And my response:
Sweet Fancy Moses!
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Longer than a 7 year itch

Every now and again I get this itch to become a stand-up comedian. It usually results in me trying to develop some material, and I usually end up being frustrated in the end. Here is one such piece...

Nathan Weaver9 hours ago I was thinking... we Americans are pretty full of ourselves. I mean, what other country would dare have a magazine titled Self? I'm thinking I'll start a new magazine called Someone Else, and it will be filled with interviews of people you can't relate to and articles on topics that are irrelevant to you. So, it'll be like an adult reading a teen magazine. 6    5 Powered by socialditto